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Wedding Suppliers Review: JS Mina Sound System

This is our review for our Wedding Suppliers: JS MINA SOUND SYSTEM
We got JS Mina Sound System on Mall of Asia SMX Wedding Expo, as far as i remember it was way back April 2015. We give down payment to reserve out the date. All was good and nice talks to each other. and all are going according to plan. It was 6 month before out wedding date.

My wife list all the songs that we wanted to play on our wedding date, and our wedding coordinator check and recheck the plan and to keep that date organize. Schedule songs and list of songs are already sent to their email and confirmed that they receive it. 

Transferred us to SUB-SUPPLIER.
On our wedding day; Our wedding coordinator tell the news. JS Mina Sound System cant come and transfer us to some of their sub contractor for unknown reasons. Not even a Advance Call from them to tell us that they will not personally handle our wedding. But i cant do anything that time, because, i do not want to ruin that day. Easy to accept it, make sure that they will do as on our contact. 

After our Wedding Ceremony on our Church, Next was Wedding party(i guess).
I check their equipment and it is definitely not we wish for. I will give everything best to my wife, that why i am super angry that time.

NO UNIFORMS;, Cant tell if they are guest or not. Some are sleeping and always walking around, they are place in side front, that why i check if they have uniforms on the supplier items.

NO WIRELESS MICROPHONE; Some say that it is just minor. But not for me. We avail the package with 4 wireless microphone, because i know that it is messy and will limit the movement of who ever hold that WIRED mic. Our Wedding Host can even move around, and always fixing the cable. it is not acceptable.

NO PROPER SCHEDULE AND SONG LIST; not even a single song in our list was made ready. JS MINA sent a "on the spot" supplier to us, with our forwarding the detials. The plan was, All singer relative will song a piece it was like a 1 hour of live songs from our relative while eating but  JS MINA didnt forward that list to their sub supplier! it was a disaster. Silent as wind blowing and our host is out of idea how to turn the party going. 

JS MINA SOUND SYSTEM totally breached our contract. big and small details was not delivered. 

A BIG THUMBS DOWN to JS MINA Sound System. A big front that they are Good, but not really.

I made a decision to not give the the remaining balance. For reasons like, I avail the 2nd to the top package just to give my wife the best wedding ever, but they ruined it. A week after our wedding, JS MINA called us for what happened, and i explained all, then the next day they call again asking what happened our our wedding day, because i didnt give the remaing balance. 3rd time again, and i tell them that i will not pay the remaining balance, Its like buying a new card but you will only recieve a bike. 

Facebook Accounts: https://web.facebook.com/jsminasoundsystem
Facebook Page : JS Mina Soundsystem Rental

Just my 2 cents.
All off this are true and no lies
No one paid me to do this
This came from our own experience just sharing it.
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