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CDR-KING launch Online Store

No more traveling from one branch to another just for a single item.
CDR-KING launches it online store . No need to check all the branch just go to their online shop and order it. No more long lines. Even if the site is not yet finish they put it online. And i think they are using Free website? Well, its a good sign that e-commerce is booming here in Philippines, Just like Lazada and Zalora.

Despite of their their warranty and defective items.  How can they handle this kind of problem?
Don't forget CDR-King tagalin, "with 7days lang po warranty, patago nalang po ang resibo"

I have a personal experience with CDR-King, not that good product but good for a substitute for a while. Warranty only last for 7 days and products don't last that long.
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