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Asus ZenPower, Credit card size powerbank!!

"Great power comes with great size" - Powerbank.

Not this time! First, they break the best smartphone by price. And now they shrinking the size of powerbank together with bigger capacity.

I introduce you to Zenpower, with a 10,050mAh powerbank with a size as small as your credit card. Its exclusive at Lazada.com.ph for only  Php 795 (limited stocks only). Promo will start June 25, 2015 at 12 noon.

Small and light that will fits in your pocket, small bag or pouch. With a size of Credit card and only 215 grams, and it comes with  10050mAh !

Asus Zenpower come with anodized aluminum casing with gold,silver,blue and red colored casing. Luxury design at the palm of your hands. Created to show off!

With its High Efficiency Ultra Fast charging port (2.4A) that can quickly charge your phone with a swift! Dont worry because it come of 11 types of protection and 6 international certification for your safety. 1.8x longer lifespan and also with heat protection so dont about short circuits.

Lazada Link: http://www.lazada.com.ph/asus-zenpower/

11 Safety Features:
1. JEITA Protection - This feature is based on the surrounding temperature, ZenPower smartly adjust the voltage and current to increase the life of ZenPower up to 1.8 times longer than others.

JEITA or Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association is a group that is responsible for promoting healthy manufacturing, international trade and consumption of electronics products and components in order to contribute to the overall development of the electronics and information technology (IT) industries, and thereby further Japan's economic development and cultural prosperity.

2. Temperature Protection
3. Output over Voltage Protection
4. Cell PTC Protection
5. Short circuit Protection
6. Input Reverse Direction Protection
7. Adapter Protection
8. Rest Protection
9. Over Charge/ Over Discharge Protection
10. Input Over Voltage
11. Output Over Current Protection

6 Safety Standards:
1. CE – CE marking is mandatory for certain product groups within European Economic Area and also it indicates the compliance with EU legislation of a product.
2. UL - UL Standards are used to assess products; test components, materials, systems and performance; and evaluate environmentally sustainable products, renewable energies, food and water products, recycling systems and other innovative technologies.
3. CB - The IECEE CB Scheme is a multilateral agreement between participating countries and their resident certification organization. CB certification is limited to electrical and electronic products.
4. BSMI - The Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection (BSMI) under the Ministry of Economic Affairs is the authority responsible for standardization, metrology and product inspection in Taiwan. The activities of the BSMI encompass the development of national standards, the verification of weights and measuring instruments, the inspection of commodities and the provision of other certification or testing services. The BSMI has seven departments, six administrative units, six branches and thirteen offices. The six branches are located in Keelung, Hsinchu, Taichung, Tainan, Kaohsiung and Hualien.
5. EAC - Products certified according to new rules will have to be labelled with Customs Union Mark of Conformity, called EurAsian Conformity Mark – EAC, before they are placed on the market of the Customs Union member states.
6. TISI - Mandatory mark to import mandatory product to Thailand Market
products placed in Thailand market need approvals through TISI mark.

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