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Phone Call scam..

Ever got scammed via phone call, and telling that you win something? but you didn't join any raffle. Probably a scam.

Let me tell my own experience about this and an additional story about a insurance scam. This morning before i go to work, i just receive a call via landline. Telling that it's the last day to came the item. That's why i became confused, i didn't order anything electronic this past day. And We rarely use our landline. After that I clearly said wrong number and drop the call. Few seconds they call again and Insisting that it's the last day to claim the item and they are looking for "Joe Marie De Guzman". I dont know who is Joe Marie and what he did to us. Ask what company is it, it was "Noreun electronics" as she spell it out. Yes, it was she. It was a girl/woman who called me.  after i got the name of the company i immediately drop the call and search it online.

Some Google search and Found out it was a NEW Phone scam only dating this month MAY 2015,  or maybe not. Some people dont want to tell others that they are scammed that's why the search result was to low about "Noreun electronics". It only show result on a facebook post  together with another "SCAM".

I  was just curious  on how do they get our phone number. Only few people know this and some other companies. Remembering what i do dumb things this past months. Just enrol for a new Postal ID, some bank transaction needed phone number and some pizza calls.

Here's another Bonus

I dont know if it's related but it's a probable scam. Last year (labour day) I went to work didnt know that its a holiday on our office. To kill the time i go Robinson Manila and roam around to see whats new. Then i got stumble upon this insurance promotion(stall) on 4th floor. I got nothing to do, so i fill up some details. Name, address(i didn't put full add), email add and phone number. Then they tell me that i won a mug because i just fill up the details. But i need to claim it in their office(also on 4th floor). I followed her, it just a 50 steps on their stall. Upon our arrival, they tell me that they are insurance company and immediately ask if i got any ATM card or bank account. Said yes, and they ask if i can check the balance on their machine (like the machine when you pay at malls). I showed them my old atm card and they smile, but when she saw my old atm card the smile vanish. Swipe it and enter my PIN privately, when they saw what's in my balance they become active and offering coffee and seat to me. Yes, my balance was so big that time because its enrolment time. Im just waiting for the time it transfer to my account and i took the opportunity to check my balance. Back to the Insurance company, After they saw my balance. They treat me like a VIP.  Then i break the wall, and tell them all i want was the mug. But the insisting to listen to their offer about the insurance for 40 minutes. POOF! I didn't comply and walk out of the door smiling to them.

In first place, why do they need to check my balance? is it another scam? INSURANCE scam?

*Facebook Post Noreun Electronics >> <<CLICK HERE>>

Thankful that they didn't get anything from us. Be vigilant on phone. If you receive a phone call, ask them first who are they looking for. If you didnt know who are they looking for, say "WRONG NUMBER" and drop it. Dont ask anything, that's how scammer gain trust and steal information of you without your knowledge.

Please share this.. got any tips how to avoid this or you got scammed? please comment it below to everyone will know.
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