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Globe Plan without CAP?

Do you know the news about new Globe Plans?

If you haven't, please take time to read my post about it <Dear Globe Telecom>.

But according to Yugatech, Globe Telecom bring back their OLD plans:
Globe Unli Plan 899 WIMAX (1Mbps)
Globe Unli Plan 999 Internet only DSL (1Mbps)
Globe Unli Plan 1099 Internet only DSL (2Mbps)

I ask for confirmation via Twitter and their Globe hotline but they give me different answers.

Twitter conversation(image at the left). Guess that they can't answer my question. But @LeoOfGLobe answer it by refering to Yugatech post about the NEW Globe Plans.

Globe Hotline(730 1000). I inquire about the NEW Globe Plan, in summary of my call with the customer service. Globe UNLIMITED plan are not available. And the Customer Service Representative explain to me that the NEW Globe Plan will be the one who will take effect.

Can't even find Globe Basic Internet Only Plan P899 and Basic Access Plans Plan P999 and P1099 on their Tattoo Broadband Tab. This Plans offer its user Up to 2Mbps and have UNLIMITED bandwidth allocation. May its a Business tactics from Globe.

Does Globe really formulated this MONTHLY CAP? or they are simply forcing Globe Subscriber to avail their Higher Plan. Who knows, maybe they are.

As Globe Plan 1599 subscriber, Almost every we hit our Daily Cap which is 7gb according to the Globe Customer Service Representative. For those who don't know what is DAILY CAP is, when you hit the LIMIT you throttled down to 30% of your plan. Mine was Plan 1599 5Mbps  when throttled its 1.5Mbps and still acceptable.

Here's comes the NEW PLANS, The offer is in MONTHLY CAP which means if you reach your Bandwidth allowance you will throttled down to 64Kbps. What if you have reach it at the your 3 day? guess what!  You will travel back to DIAL-UP era.

Hope Globe will change this Plans.

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