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Dear Globe Telecom,

Dear Globe Telecom,

First thank you for the cheapest and semi reliable DSL plan. Plan 999 3mbps without the landline or Internet only plan. This save me a lot. Good Customer support which always answer your call and tell always the same story(upgrading or maintenance issue) then they send a technical team.

Im a one of your legit subscriber of you Globe's Tattoo Broadband who pays monthly, not on time but i do pay.  I'm subscriber for almost 2 and half years. I hate your FUP, which totally sucks. Started from Plan 1299 DSL+Landline plan(3Mbps) to Plan 999 DSL only plan (3Mbps) and now Plan 1599 DSL+Landline(5Mbps). Way back 3mbps was a good shot, reasons for I receive a promise speed of 3mbps. But until i upgrade to 5mbps. Its been months since i upgrade, and until now i haven't attain that speed even at off peak hours. Even i report it. Customer service always answer my problem with It was a passable speed (4Mbps).

Last few month you have a new offer a Plan 1200 (5Mbps) with 30gb monthly capped. Capping was not as it use to be. As a Guy who use internet as a 2nd source of income, I find this disturbing. My current plan Plan 1599 (5Mbps) have a day allowance of 10GB. Allowance means total of DOWNLOAD and UPLOAD. If you ever reach that, you will throttle down to 30% speed of your current plan. 1.5 Mbps which is not bad for me.

As a Father, Youtuber, Blogger, Gamer or whatever 10Gb is too small for daily use. Mention also the UPLOAD speed which is 1Mbps whatever your plan is. Almost everyday i reach 10gb allowance. Today i visit your globe website to check if there are new plans available which suits my need. But unfortunately, it was not a good news. Image attached below blow my mind. Globe Telecom become too greedy. I Belong to AVID Plan 1599 5mbps which will become 20GB allowance MONTHLY.

 Old Usage Allowance  New Usage Allowance
• For DSL 1 Mbps: 3 GB • For DSL 1 Mbps: 10 GB
• For DSL 2 Mbps: 5 GB • For DSL 2 Mbps: 10 GB
• For DSL 3 Mbps: 7 GB • For DSL 3 Mbps: 15 GB
• For DSL 5 Mbps: 10 GB • For DSL 5 Mbps: 20 GB
• For DSL 7 Mbps: 10 GB • For DSL 7 Mbps: 30 GB

GLOBE!! What came in to your mind?!?!

Daily FUP is pain in the ass, Monthly FUP is pain in resurrected ass.  Changing Daily to Monthly is insanely not acceptable! FYI, if you reach your DATA ALLOWANCE(FUP), you will throttle down to 30% of your current speed. But new rule states that if Data allowance is reach, speed will throttled down to 64Kbps. Simple words, "BACK TO THE STONE AGE"

Not everyone use or need this "perks"

"Dont worry our existing subscriber"- Globe Rule #23. BUT how about the NEW subscriber and OLD subscriber that will upgrade or downgrade in near future. It means we are all affected by this new Fair Usage Policy.

Some other says that 20gb(Plan 1599) is too big! But i think and experience it is not.

I have a brother who always download games. And games these days becomes cheaper and cheaper especially at G2a.com. After we bought one, he downloaded it and its staggering 27gb of file/s, of course with lots of DLC. We hit our Daily Allowance for almost 5 days. So if new allowance happens. we will get 64Kbps for the rest of the month? and its not right to pay for P1599.

Another scenario, I'm making  videos or gaming videos and will upload it to YouTube, In my case One video will take up to 1.5gb approxiamtle after i render it to Premiere pro.  Goal was upload 2 videos a day.  I didnt stop at 2 videos a  day. I upload it all totaling of 20gb+ worth of 15 videos.  So if new allowance happens. we will get 64Kbps for the rest of the month? and its not right to pay for P1599.

Here's some additional things that i do. I watch YouTube to gain some knowledge on hot to improve my videos and some other stuff i do online. After that day i saw my metered connection have 7gb. see that? 7gb A day just add up. means after 3-4 days I will be capped in our new system. So if new allowance happens. we will get 64Kbps for the rest of the month? and its not right to pay for P1599.

Upon Doing this post a Petition was made by other Globe Subscriber.

Petitioning Globe Telecom

Trash the new Globe Tattoo Home DSL Plans

Hope Google Fiber can read this!
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