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Bandwidth limit for GLOBE DSL

Tutorial for Globe DSL bandwidth limit

This is really a must when you have a relative sharing with your internet connection, For instances i have a wife and a brother who always watch YouTube and download stuff which will make you me quit because it take all the bandwidth when they do that stuff heavily. Especially when you play online games. You will experience "LAG" or like stop dance. A second in an online game and  you can be killed.  But i don't do online games anymore, and it's not a problem anymore for me. but i do some online stuff that need speed so this i quite helpful for me.  This also Help you from NOT reaching your FUP. Keep reading for the tutorial.

Go to,log in using this credentials.
User: admin
Password: 3UJUh2VemEfUtesEchEC2d2e
This will enable admin or technician mode, and this will show more features and option.

We first need to have a static ip for our devices to sure that we will not put our device to the lowest speed.
To do that go to "Advance Mode" and click the "LAN tab", You have two option DHCP and MAC/IP Address Reservation. click the MAC/IP Address Reservation. Put your IP adress that you want, preferably the last 10 which together with id MAC adress of your PC/gadgets.

Look at my screenshot below, its a set-up by me. if you will notice i have IP address from 192.168.254. 150-155, this are my phone, pc and an ipad.  I only have 155 IP range because i only set my IP pool range within 61 account start from and will end
Also notice that that my Torrent box and XMBX box that needed static for able to remotely/wirelessly control it.
To locate your PC mac adress run CMD and type "getmac" it will show your mac my default. for Phones/Tablets, go to setting and click about option, it will show the information about the device.

Next stop will be the bandwidth limit it self.
Go to "Router Features"  and tap "Bandwidth Limit" tab. Check the Box to enable it.
Ingress Bandwidth - Maximum Download Speed
Egress Bandwidth - Maximum Upload Speed.
this setting will depend on your ISP plan, I have 5mbps. Adjust it according to your needs. After you finish dont forget to hit APPLY button

Next go to "Bandwidth Limit Rules" option next to "Bandwidth Limit".
For this set up i have 2 rules.Rule 1 will be the has speed and Rule 2 will be the full speed which i will use to my personal devices and Computer.

To set up Rule 1, pick any rule index you want. Tap tap enable. Set ip range 192.168.254-100 - 192.168.254-149. We use this range because anyone will connect to wifi or via lan will pick up the lowest ip range that is not selected. i just put port range 1 - 65535. I admit it, don't know what to put here. LOL.   for Egress bandwidth 100 -500 and for Ingress 500 -2000. It is measure at kbps not mbps. so make sure you have a right conversion.

Rule 2. pick any rule index you want. Tap tap enable. Set ip range 192.168.254-150 - 192.168.254-160. remeber the Ip servervation we had? this will be the use of it. IP range will be - For Egress bandwidth 500 - 800 and for Ingress 2000 -4500. This will ensure that you will have a good speed.

This my my other solution for QOS. I tried setting up the IP QOS but it didn't work for me.
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