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Philippine Ragnarok Online comes into a halt

This week i read numerous news about the closing of ragnarok online philippines. Upon searching, its true that pRO will close its door to save mankind. On official website of pRO it will just migrate to iRO for some REASONS. And for some account that want to migrate they help to move in, in loss of over ups items and boss cards.

/gg the famous emotion

When i'm doing this post, it flashback the days i level-up my character with my friend raph.  Good times like running from a Sword Guardian with Agi Up buffs, who really does that? 5% exp deducted to my friend exp  which is level 98 and 90% exp. So sad but kinda funny when we talk about it. We still laugh at it when it happened 5 years ago.  Until today i still keep the game cards the proof that we can have money that time. LOL.  Playing in internet cafe just to have a party. Queuing a long line in a event just to pick-a-prize hoping for a boss card that can change our luck. Ohhhh, the memories. Having a friend online that you didn't meet in person but still so close as your close friend. First Eye-ball of the guild i have "ENDLESS" came from all around the Philippines.  Hope that ragnarok will be the same, All Jobs are important in siege, no racism.

`Aki Fukuda

Philippine ragnarok will be close March 31,2015 and by April 2015, iRO will be available here in philippines.

Source: http://ragnarok.levelupgames.ph/main/philippine-ragnarok-online-moves-to-a-new-home/
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