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New Affiliate site

Today my New Affiliate site is up and running but got some errors and im fixing it right now. Got this "ERROR 500, INTERNAL SERVER ERROR"  and im trying to fix this issue.

Lets Welcome Pinoy Super Deals, Home of Pinoy Shoppers. Its main purpose will be my affiliate site for Lazada. For your information, It's our Mini Amazon or Ebay here in Philippines.  As a Father this was a good sideline. Category Base commision, 5% for electronics and 8% on non electronics. Sounds good to me. Better than nothing.

Before this Final form of the site. Tried things like:
Importing Data-feed to be a products that link to lazada products with affiliate link.  And of course my webhost can't handle that 250mb Data feed to import. This also takes down the site. Cant handle the import task, I guess. This was a good idea if webhosting is not luxurious price.

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