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Best time to update your Wordpress site

After purchasing my newest site PinoySuperDeals.com. I noticeably error like this "Internal server error" and "failed updates" of plugins and WordPress itself.
Usually do my blog after dinner. This time i do blog-post and update if there are available updates. Then this problem came in. Done some search but none of this works. Fixes i've done like increasing memory limit to 256mb, deactivate and activate all plugins and lastly re-installing WordPress which is a major sin.

This week, my time plan change and i have to sleep early and wake up early to make a jog. and that i notice a fast and easy update of WordPress and some plugins. FLAWLESS! its kinda off-peak hours of my server.  I do a test site to make this proof and and true. Tried and tested. And that's how i solve my working regarding "INTERNAL SERVER ERROR" and "WordPress Plugins Updated Failed" and some other stuff.
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