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Ways to make money as a College Student

Being a college student is not an easy. I remember when I went to college. my Allowance per day was Php 100 (almost $2, year 2012). and it will not suffice the needs. I spend half of it at fare and the half at food. I will share what it do to have money when im in college.
Note this will not give a million dollar shot or instant Zuckerberg story. I know some stories but the hell? It's not mine, so I will share that I only know. so here we go.

1. Buy and Sell Virtual Currency.
-Remember those that MMORPG really hit like a flashbang? well i do. My friend Raph introduce my to Ragnarok botting. He did not tell or show me how to do it but he tell story that someone can make money out of it. When my first college yearly break comes in, Ragnarok is the only game that I play and I'm curious of the BOT. It uses program OPENKORE, Just do the little setting and you are good to go. If you want to earn well do the programming. to make the story short it will farm for items or virtual money that you sell to real people to make it real money. Other way like for World of warcraft or also known as WOW, they do it manually but more fun. I do it sometimes in Ragnarök when I have no school. Stop a year when I graduated. Really helps a lot, and you will not notice that you will gain some extra cash especially when you enjoy playing.
- Rate: P2,000 to P10,000 per month depends, i hit jackpot way back 2010. Christmas season I earn total of 40k only in a month, 2week-millionaire SPEND IT ALL!!!

2. Sell your talent.
- NOPE! stop right there. we're talking about a college student here. but sometimes other do that. :) Sell you talent by doing your classmate's work/assignment/project and they will pay you. it's a win-win-situation. Just don't get caught by your professor.
- Rate: P50 - P200, hard assignment/papers means hard cash!

3. Charge other for selling their stuff from your help.
- If your neighbor/friend/relative or someone you know, help them and offer a charge when you sold their items. Just post it in your local advertisement site and viola, money!!
- Rate: 10% or minimum 200 pesos.

4. Repair others Personal computer or laptops
- Repairing software today is just ease as breeze. Just GOOGLE IT. Just need an internet connection to do this.
- Rate: P300 to P500 or just a free meal.

5. Paid to Play games for others.
- Some people just want their life to get easy they got money which is nice for me. It rhymes and it is right. Play their character in a game and gain levels and they will pay you.
- Rate: P100 to P300 per games,per character per week.
6. Do some internet jobs or things
- i have ChurpChurp PH <CLICK HERE>,  It use your twitter to advertise, its a legit that is a FLY-BY-NIGHT company. and it is powered by Nuffnang PH the one who almost sponsor my cinema movie's
- Rate:  P15 per sign up

Some things that i do wish that i do back then.

7. Be a Lazada affiliate(they open 2012 here in PH) <Click here>
 - It's a commission base, and its good, earn up to 8% per customer transaction
- Rate: 5% to 10% commission

8. Be a Youtuber
- Just search YouTube videos and watch what do they do in it. some do other crazy stuff and some do intelligent things.

9. Be an active blogger
-Blogging is just as easy writing an essay when you have examination. if you want to practice blogging,

That's it. I just share my experience as a college student. Hope it can help you. Maybe it will make a millionaire. No one knows. Just do your best.

Any questions? Please comment it below.
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