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Nice Pebble Support!

I have these Pebble Steel of my own. Looks good and function good. But Pebble cant check all the boxes for proper packaging and damage product. Just receive the product last week with a good packaging.

I'm having a nice boxing of Pebble Steel and turning it on.  Spend almost 5 mins charging with a defective charging cable "pin".  I Just freaked out! Eye broaden and start sweating cold. My Pebble is "Dead On Arrival". Holy bee! I calm down to my freaking feeling of RMA it, Notice that i ordered another extra charging cable.  Poof! it turn on automatically and i charge if for 10 mins for a test run. The defective charging cable was  missing a gold pin. At first i thought it was a normal design.

Finished my Work Out and got home. I emailed Pebble about my defective charging cable, together with the picture.  They replied the next day asking if I will use the same delivery address. After that they immediately send a replacement for the defective charging cable. Same delivery as last time.


And I'm impressed by their support. They immediate send a replacement.
Glad I bought with my personal account. and hope i will not pay taxes with this replacement product.
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