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Lego city Police set #60045 Timelapse

LEGO City Police 60045 Police Patrol

-Includes 3 mini figures with accessories; Police van features tires, space for the surveillance station, an antenna and a detachable trailer with winch
-Features a police van with a trailer, surveillance station, police dinghy, crook's dinghy and crook's lighthouse hideout
-Surveillance station features a folding satellite dish; Police dinghy features tip-up engines, windscreen and a searchlight that can rotate
-Police van measures 3"high, 6"long and 2"wide; Lighthouse hideaway measures 3"high, 1"wide and 1"deep;Police dinghy measures 5"high, 7"long and 3"wide
-Trailer measures 1"high, 7"long and 3"wide; Crook's dinghy measures 1"high, 3"long and 2"wide; Surveillance station measures 3"high, 2"wide and 1"deep

Thanks to Clark and Ian de Guzman for the gift.
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