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Johnny Air Cargo Experience

It's the day when my wife want to gift me something but it's not available in our country,that PEBBLE STEEL. I'm so desperate in looking ways to buy in within a week. Search some store available here in Philippines like KIMSTORE which offer low price gadgets.
But they only offer Original pebble.  Lazada got some pebble but Pebble itself offers a 50$ discount on that week. Going on, found this shipping company in our local forums which are johnny air,my shipping box,forex and more.
JAC Dian Branch inside of mercury drug

Little back ground for johnny air cargo, "You surf & shop. We ship & send." which  johnny air padala tagline. Buy online from Amazon,BestBuy,Newegg & etc then select the delivery adresss from their website. can choose up to 4 adress, New york or new jersey or california. For light package it may take 3-5 days for airfrieght after they recieve your order. or up to 3-4weeks from seafreight for veay or bulky orders.

Johnny air is the closest to my location. Went there november 30, talk to the clerk which discussed about some terms and payments but they early close the shop when i got there. Clerk is a "Kuya/manong" in Dian branch which is humble and very helpful. On our conversation, I don't have a credit card i have to pay additional 25 USD for the fee which is not bad. December 1 after my work, went to their makati branch to order pebble steel. Paid all the order plus fee. YEHEY! They say my order will be shipped 3-5 days to Philippines after they receive my order in new york. December 2 Excitement kicks in and I emailed makati branch clerk asking the status or my order. December 3, they replied that the sale is no longer available. as a desperate child looking for a gift, I accept to order it again and will pay the balance and ask if i have any fee/charge to pay upon the arrival of my order. December 7, receive email about my breakdown it has a "sales tax",also ask if when will I receive my package. Still no order confirmation that they ordered it. December 13, emailed them for update and replied that my package has not been receive yet in their office. December 19, receive email from them that my ordered has been canceled "Sorry to inform you that supplier just advise that this order was cancelled.  Will make the refund and will advise you once its ready for pick-up." this thing really pissed me off, can't show off any anger. Dec 22, pick up my REFUND! not the product.
JAC Makati Branch

frustrated customer! with refund. my wife notice my mood when i got home. nuff said, that's it. bad experience with Johnny air Cargo.

Will try again in the future to avail their service. but not this so near. there are also other good review about johnny air. <click here>
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