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Jetpack on PinoySuperDeals.com

Got this new domain for my Lazada Affiliate program. Also got his new problem Jetpack from my new installed Wordpress at PinoySuperDeals.com. Image of the problem attached below.
I try to fix if for almost 20 hours, I guess. But none of the tutorials work. even the Fix of Jetpack author itself. It Suppose to be Up and running on Jan 27, Also a Chinese New Year event on Lazada which give 10% off and P1,000 voucher! So Sulit!

Disaster Strikes, Purchase it by Jan 26 lunch time and hoping it will done propagating around midnight. Unfortunately it doesn't, after i have chat with my server admin around lunchtime jan 27. It miraculously go online. hoping that i will get this online in the middle of the lazada voucher hype and nah!

So i decided to ditch fixing it and advertise on facebook fanpage (Shop Via Lazada PH) to grab some sells and trying to fix the problem with the jetpack every 30 mins.  almost 20 fixesive done and nothing really work.

I just get help from my server admin again, hope they fix it.
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