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ITX-NAS Dream Build 2015 (DS380)

This will be our guide to ITX NAS  dream build.  This will be a upgrade version of my NODE 304 ITX-NAS build. Back view about our Node 304 Drive Bays, has 6 3.5" fixed drive bays and minimal sorage for wires.

Silverstone DS380, Premium 8-bay small form factor NAS Chassis
More accessible, front Hot-Swap Bays
More HDD slots,  8 Hot-Swapable drive bays and 4 2.5" fixed bays(hidden)
Easier to mange, More Room for cable management(I suggest use full modular PSU)
More Airflow, includes 3 120mm Fan with filtered intake vents.

Parts we need. Note that this is a Dream build, i will put some best components.
Case: Silverstone DS380
Ram: 2 x 4GB
PSU: ?
Boot Drive: 2 x 250 GB SSD raid 0
Storage Drive:
Movies: 2 x 4tb Raid 0
Personal Files: 4 x 4tb Raid 10
Temporary Files: 2 x 4 Raid 1
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