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Buying abroad via Philpost EMS (PH)

Buying from abroad or overseas is a pain in the ass here in philippines. No computer Database for package, uncoordinated post offices, and manual log list. Yup you read it right. They do Manual log book, you can't ideally locate where your package might have if you visit the wrong post office.
Don't worry I'm here to guide you.you just need a patience and virtue to get your package.


We first tackle a SMALL parcel or let say 30USD and below worth of item/s. From past year, i ordered some from ebay like a "Watchdog Cap with scarf" for my brother and a "Anime Pillow Case" also for my brother(images are attached below). I Guess both are also from hongkong or china which use registered mail. Track it online for the progress. Loss both images of its tracking, ordered it way back 2013 and 2014.  Both items received from 2 to 3 weeks upon the order confirmation on Ebay. And I only pay 50 pesos and as far as i remember 200 pesos for documentary stamp. they will offer to open the parcel. Rules: "NO CHECKING/OPENING of PACKAGE, NO RELEASE".  Yup, you're right. I'm afraid they will see the pillowcase and will laugh at me. My luck strike and they only poke true the pouch and don't spread the pillow case. For the watchdog cap and scarf, they open the whole box and check the items. so far no problem.


Its my brothers things which i buy online which i own the card :)

For Big orders or 40dollars and up

Christmas 2014, I ordered a Pebble Steel for GetPebble.com. Worth 184USD that time, a package of Pebble Steel watch,Metal Strap and a extra charger cable. It was christmas season so i expect a long delivery time. Here's the timeline. December 22 2014, ordered it online and paid via a BPI prepaid VISA card. December 24, ordered confirmed and shipped. This is all according to a mail from GetPebble.com. The status posted by December 27. January 3 2015, It Arrived here in Philippines. That time Philpost track and trace is broken. A good year to start!!

A week later still no update from our local post office neither online and via phone. So i got to make a move. Went to our nearest Post office which located at Tramo,Pasay City. Thanks to Miss "Ellie" who help me to locate my package. Still no luck for my christmas gift. Better luck next week. After my weekend stay in Tagaytay. I immediately turn on my PC(8sec boot,LOL) and read all the email search online about my package. Luckily Philpost track and trace are up and running, Trace my package, still no update.

Called the numbers. After an hour of redialling, no answer. Other number says a loop or not programed properly. It Always says something like this, "Thank you for calling philpost, if you know -------------. For ems customer service press 1, for ems customer service press 1". I've press 1, "For ems customer service press 1, for ems customer service press 2" .  I've press 2 "For ems customer service press 1, for ems customer service press 2". Over and over again.  After an hour i Finally decided to go at Pasay Post Office where all the package where drop first from the airport.

It was 2:50 when i went out. And a timing for a dry-run for Pope Francis visit here in Philippines. 15 mins of travel end up almost 1 hour. Got there about 3:50. Queue for about 5 mins. NO CLERK at the EMS customer service Window!! This is why some Filipino hate Government offices. WHOA!!! and they transfer me to the upper floor for registered parcel. Upon checking the time, its 4:05 pm. And the guy who assist me says that the customs only work for 7am - 4pm. But the Philpost itself work until 5pm.  And for the confirmation, They already had my Package wayback jan 3. Finally, good news!! A week and they didn't update their website.

Before I went to claim my package. I do some research about the customs. See "things to remember below". Heres my own computation. I've ready P2,000 for the customs tax.  It's all ready on my phone for the back up plan. I've read some horror story about our Philippine Customs which charge you with a whopping double the price of your item. If i receive my bill worth P2,000 or more i will request for a breakdown and ask everything on it. Then i went to sleep. But im still worried about what customs will charge me.

Went there next morning. I'm totally late for my work, it's 9am! arrived 9:15 at the post office. Went upstairs as instructed on my last visit. Submited my ID for verification and wait for about 15 mins. Then they forward me to parcel inspection at the first floor. Waited for about 5 for the customs examiner to open my parcel. have a little chit-chat with the one who assigned to me. They are all very humble and smiling. And im just hurry as F*** for my work. Corrected the typo in my parcel. After we finish checking my parcel, waited another 5 mins for the customs computation.


And this is all we've waiting for. The CUSTOMS TAX!! It was already 9:50 when i got this. I don't any question because it was below my expected tax and I'm late for work! Also need to pay another P100 for the releasing. I didn't notice the $206.36 until i attached to this post. NAH! forget it. I already got my late christmas gift and as for my wife, a gift for my self. No more horror story from Philippine Customs.

To know what i buy please <click here>


I guess if you want to get your package as soon as it arrived here in Philippines, go to Pasay Main Philpost Office near NAIA terminal 4.  And this will also lessen the chance of being hijacked by the corrupt ph customs.

Philpost and Customs didn't work together?? Customs examiner are under the roof of Philpost. Thats the logic. Why does  PHLPost Postmaster General Josie Dela Cruz need to point others?

Things to remember:

Philpost PH : Official website of Philippine Post Office
Philpost Tracking : Tracking Page for Philpost
Track and Trace : Tracking Page for all EMS/Registered  Packages worldwide
Customs tax calculator : Reference for customs tax,

Philpost Pasay Information
For further inquiries for International Mails, please contact the following:
Express Mail Service:
Tel. No.: +63 2 8545257 and +63 2 8549825 SMS: +63 922 5335918 e-mail:[email protected]
For SMS inquiry, please text your name, tracking number, and address.

Parcel and Registered Mail:
Tel. No.: +63 2 8541641 , +63 2 8540086 and +63 2 5844670 e-mail:[email protected]
Office hours: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday to Friday
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