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Taste Test: Tajimaya Charcoal Grill

Last Time we check out Buffalo's Wings N' Things which offer nuclear hot wings!!
But today, We try something different, My wife choose Tajimaya Charcoal Grill. For some reason that she wants to cook or DIY food.

Here's on page of their EAT-ALL-YOU-CAN  Menu. It include Beef, Pork, Chicken, Squid, Special Sausage, Shrimp, Salad Sancyu? , Kimuchi, Namuru, and of-course RICE! For only P599 per head, and half price for child. For additional order, Ask the waiter for it. But you must finished your additional order or you must pay P200 pesos for left overs.

Some pictures! and they serve like this, CHOPSTICK! Not a Pro chopstick user but can use it. And some selfie with Chrysler my son.


And All is served! So much food for two. after waiting for 5mins of less. Bunch of strip cut ready to cook. It Include Beef, Pork, Cuttle Fish? , Special Sausage, Squid Rolls, Shrimp, Salad, Sancyu, Kimchi and we are asian, RICE!! nothing beat Rice.


And this is my wife all waiting for. Let the grilling begin!


Some chicken balls and Fries for Liahm.

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