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Switch to LED and save money!

It's been a year since we switch to LED light bulbs. It cost 300% more than ordinary florescent lamp. But according to research it produce less heat and consume less power. Electricity is GOLD price here in philippines. And for sure will benefit in the long run. We just need to invest.

My first thought, it will just a bandwagon  thing. When i compare my 12 watts LED bulb to my 32 Watts florescent Bulb,WATT says it all. The lower the watt the lower the power consumption,that's why LED bulb is better . Light Strength of my 32 watts florescent bulb also same as my 12 watts LED bulb. Step by step, i switch to LED bulb. First to our room, then bathroom, 2 at our kitchen/living room.  lastly the other room. Been using them for a year. I also notice the heat/warm feeling when we are using florescent when switch to LED are gone. It feels more lighter.

Tips for buying/using a LED bulb.
  • Always check for the LUMENS count,the higher the better. 1200 lumens for a 12 watts LED bulb is a good one.

  • Buy only the Watt you need. Higher the Watt, the brightness it is.

  • Check for the color of your bulb for where will you put it.

  • Proper placement is the key to room lighting.

I made a small comparison on these two bulb. I maybe thinking that you will say. "Pictures or it didn't happen." so here it is! Bulbs connected to a wattmeter.

32 Watts Florescent Bulb consumes about 29 watts. i can feel the intense heat coming from the bulb.


12 watts LED bulb consume about 11.2 watts.

My conclusion,
LED Bulb definitely cut our cost of electricy by 20%. from 3000-3500 pesos to 2200-2700 pesos.

Told you! it save money! If you're still asking your self to switch to LED, do it now!!
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