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Record your Gameplay like a PRO

Uninstall all that recording software that takes much RAM and slows down your PC.  Ditch those software that have a DEMO watermark or have limited time when you record and not free.
If you want Free (nope,its not crack or pirated copy) and no limit when your record, come read it on.
Nvidia GeForce Experience offers a ShadowPlay. Like Frap, Hypercam,CamStudio and so on. But, No more 3rd party software and No Fee! ShadowPlay uns in the background and ready to run as long as your need it! Just press a button and ready to go. No more ALT+TAB to record you game. It automatically saves your record.

System requirements:

 >GeForce GTX Desktop GPU,600 series or higher, or notebook GTX 660M,670MX, 675MX, 680M,700M series or higher.
 >4GB of system RAM or higher
>Windows7 or Later
>GeForce 332.82 Driver or Later
>Inter Core i3-2100 or AMD athlon II x4 630 CPU or Higher


>GPU accelerated H.264 video encoder
>Records up to the last 20 minutes of gameplay in Shadow Mode
>Records unlimited length video in Manual Mode
>Always on and ready to Record anytime(ALT+F4)
>Broadcasts to Twitch
>Records up to 4K resolution at 130 Mbps
>Minimal performance impact
>Full desktop capture (desktop GPUs only)

Using ShadowPlay is easy as ease. First check system requirements. Download Nvidia GeForce Experience software, install and update if necessary. Open you GeForce Experience Panel. First tab will list all the games you have to optimized depends on your PC specs. Second tab shows the Drivers, updates will appear if available. Third Tab shows your your RIG specification and some other additional option you can do with it. Fourth one is the SHIELD Device compatibility. Lastly, Preference Tab. Listed in the 3rd category is ShadowPlay.

Overlays can be side like Camera,Status indicator if recording, and FPS counter. Microphone settings, and some keyboard short-cut. and at the bottom is the location where will your record will go. Click the ShadowPlay box on the upper right part of the window to open the ShadowPlay Recording settings.

Manual mode is much my prefered option. I use a custom quality with 720p and lowest bit rate to  have a minimal file size.
Available Modes are Shadow & Manual, Shadow, Manual and Twitch.
Quality have Low,Medium,High and Custom. For custom you can change from 1440p to 360p depends on your video card. Choose from 30fps or 60fps recording. Bit rate range from 10Mbps to 50Mbps. If you choose high Setting or Custom setting with High Bit rate, prepare your drive to be filled up.


Runs on the background with no heavy use of ram .Can record while playing just pres ALT+F9 to start/record which saves time and you need to record a games immediately. Cause NO effect while starting/recording/stoping record while playing.  It's quite useful when you immediately need it. like for me i play robo craft and i want to record a hilarious robot design, Just press the button and viola! It is built in nvidia products.  no more installation of 3rd party software that cost to much.


Sample of my 1080p,5Mbps bit rate. It saves a more/less 1gb for 30mins

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