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Media Center and Torrent Box in Small Footprint

My First choice to be my Media Center was a  Asus e350 build. After some search E350 consumes about 25 watts and requires a hard drive, RAM, case, which is costly and  requires a not that very large foot print.

Why do i choose RPi B+ RPi Over e350 Build,
- Item Availability here in Philippines
- Power consumption, can run 24/7 with 1.2 watts.
- Headless System, controlled via my Windows phone, Android phone and Ipad
- Smallest foot print, size of a Credit card
- Price, 2,000 Pesos compare to e350 build almost 15,000 pesos
- Ready to Run no additional ram,hdd,psu to buy.
-Cuteness and for a change

Done testing some OS for Raspberry pi.

  • RaspBMC, easy to install, Good at playing high profile hd (1080p) movie. Down side is sluggish GUI.

  • Raspbian, easy to install , it is more on linux, Downside i cant get xbmc working on it.

  • OpenElec, easy to install, same as  RaspBMC with fast GUI .

  • ArchLinux, Pidora and Risc OS. Didnt try it yet.

Finally,I  pick OpenElec as my main operating system. Running for days, no problem so far. Thanks to Raspberry blog on how to install transmission on Openelec.
Raspberry Pi B+ with Openelec can flawlessly run Blu-Ray/1080p Movies in local storage or network storage.
Simplink(via smart tv) compatibility control XBMC via remote of your smart tv.
Play Music directly no need to open a Big bulk Sound System.
All that with running While Transmission is running 24/7.

XBMC and Transmission Interface with my Windows Phone
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