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Getting my Pebble Steel~!

Here come's the day ive been waiting to! The "GO" signal from my wife to buy a watch, but not just ordinary watch. at first I have an eye on original pebble steel. which I can purchase readily here in our local distributor. as you can see im living here in Philippines which Customs agency are scary as hitler. but not my experience last 3 experience which is good so far. Going back to the pebble.

My first choice was the Original Pebble , because of its availability here. I can buy from kimstore if they have stock. then it comes to my mind that I want some elegant design which the pebble steel have.and luckily pebble offer less 50$ off and a free DHL shipping. This is a big saving for me, so i grab it. put some funds on my Prepaid visa card that i use for online shopping and ordered Pebble steel itself and some additional pebble steel matte black metal strap and an extra charging cable incase I lose one. it was christmas season, 2 days later i receive email that my pebble was shipped!


I choose pebble steel model because of the reasons that it has a more professional design and color, it has a gorilla glass and lastly it's the latest model. Seriously? Professional design? For me yes. A metal watch is more likely to look nice more than the original one. Gorilla glass makes it virtually uncrackable and more tough. I've read and watch review about original pebble has had scratch on the first day worn it. So change my mind to pebble steel which also is the latest model.

Pebble Steel Tech Specs
>DIMENSIONSCase: 46mm L × 34mm W × 10.5mm T
Weight: 56g / 1.97oz (including standard band)
WIRELESS: Bluetooth 4.0
DISPLAY: 1.26-inch, 144 × 168 pixel e-paper display LED backlight Optical hard coating for scratch resistance
SENSORS: 3D accelerometer, Compass & Light sensor
POWER AND BATTERY: Lithium-ion polymer battery, Up to 7 days between charges USB charging cable with magnetic connector included
Character sets: Unicode, Basic Latin, and Latin-1 Supplement
WATER RESISTANCE AND ENVIRONMENTAL REQUIREMENT: 50 meter water resistance Relative humidity: 5% to 95% non condensing Maximum operating altitude: 10,000 feet (3,000m)
MATERIALS AND CARE: Watch case:marine-grade stainless-steel Band: leather (metal band sold separately)

Hands-on Experience;

Packaging comes in a great black box with a pebble engraved on it. When i claim my pebble at our local customs, they are asking if it's a jewelry, because of the neat and nice packaging. Includes Pebble Steel with leather strap, Metal wrist strap with mini tool, and a charging cable. Ordered an additional cable.

First use was a epic fail. Followed the instruction to start up the pebble. And still no power, i put it in charge for about 5 mins. And i finally notice the charging cable pin, only one gold pin is present. Luckily i have another charging cable, so i use and it finally booted. Ordering another charging cable was not a bad idea. If not maybe i'm still waiting for the other charging cable to arrive. It booted and set it up via my windows phone. and it has limited features, can't receive call and text notification which i mainly needed. Hope pebble will make action about his.

User interface was not that bad. They stick with old and good "push button". And yes its not a touch screen. It has a back button located at the upper left part. and up button,select button and down button which located at the right part. I has a built in leather strap and can be swap with metal strap. Metal strap are sold separately. And here comes again the fail moment, I try fit the pebble steel with metal strap and it was very big can handle 2 mode wrist. I've panic and went to nearest local watch repair. Which they obviously fix the issue, they just pulled pins and tabs to make it fit.


Will update this post, for battery life and uses thanks!!!
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