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Fastest Delivery by Lazada (COD)

Have you ever watch or heard the "LAZADA EFFORTLESS SHOPPING" ? If you haven't you are shopping the hard way, like my wife.(NO PUN INTENDED).
I'm very fun of Lazada since the lunch here in PH. Bought several items from home appliances to personal things. From a electric blender bottle to Lego or toys for my son to my personal things like  Micro SD card and 11,000 Power bank. As a Father, i would not buy unless its on sale or discount! HAHA! other way to save some money.

Getting into the Topic, This is my fastest and hassle free order from Lazada. My other order like TV-Tuner take almost 7 days to deliver because its from a MERCHANT . "BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!" We order some Lego for my Son Liahm, First we compare the prices to Toy Kingdom and Lazada. Same price of Lego City Set. I decided to buy to Lazada cause of DISCOUNT/VOUCHER it offers. We got WEEKEND10 which offers 10% discount which is good, Very Very good. So, Going on. We place order about 4:30 PM on Sunday.  And for shocking news, I receive Email from Lazada after 5 mins. Upon reading the email my items are ready to be ship. Before i go to sleep, Recieve again from Lazada and expect to recieve the 1-2 working days. The next day. Went to my office and as far as i remember it is lunch when my wife texted that my Lazada order just arrived.

WHOAH! Fastest ever from my online shopping experience. 19 hours and i ordered it on Sunday Afternoon.

How to order from lazada?

BTW, Its my Mothers Advance Christmas gift for his grandson, my Baby. :)
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