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My Raspberry Pi Model B+!

Got this new toy!

A Raspberry Pi B+ Model. Credit card size computer. Low power that only uses 5volts power supply.

CPU rates 700MHz with a Dual Core VideoCore(can play 1080p h.264 high profile video) together with 512mb sdram. Equip with 4 usb 2.0 ports, 1 ethernet socket, hdmi, AV jack, micro usb for power, 40 GPIO pin, camera connection, display connection and micro sd card slot for boot storage.

Hundreds of projects can be made. For my case, will use it for XBMC in living room with printer/scan server. and this will be good for my NAS dream build project.

Where to buy Raspberry Pi from Philippines?
1. Lazada PH : 1-7 day delivery. <click here for link>  (COD available)
2. Rs Components, May take weeks cause it will import from singapore.
3. OLX and Tipic PC.

Bare view of Raspberry Pi Model B+ (B plus)


bought a acrylic case from a local seller.

Put together! got amazing transparent case for my raspberry pi.

First, i try using OpenElec. XBMC for Rasperry Pi B+.
Surprisingly Rpi can handle a 3gb+ file 1080p HD movie with any lag/stutter. Test also forward and rewind button,works as good as it be!
My expectation for this credit card size small computer was not that high, but it perform at the highest level.
Bang for bucks.

A little back story before i bought this. I plan to have a HTPC amd e350 worth 20x the price of this raspberry pi. Later someone posted in our local computer Facebook group about their raspberry pi model b and it can be a stand alone XBMC with a HD movie playback. Upon research, Raspberry can totally play HD movie and have some additional features like a server and any other else. So bought and test. and IT WORKS!

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