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DIY NAS (Mark 3)

For future build Network Attached Storage
After my external seagate backup HDD DIED! I plan to have this build to prevent the future to fail again.
All my memories are in that drive, picture,video clips and some other important thing.

Case: Fractal Design Node 304
Mobo+CPU: intel atom or amd e350
Ram : 16gb
Hard drives: Western Digital 3tb Red drive (NAS drive) x 6pcs raid 10 or raid 5
Boot drive: Sandisk Cruzer fit 16gb usb

Question: Why choose Node 304 as a case?
Answer: Fractal Design Node 304 offer a compact ITX case that offer 6 hard drive slots. and some aesthetics.

Question: Why intel atom or amd e350? why not core intel core i3?
Answer: My first concern will be Electricity. Here in Philippines, electricity is to pricey but if got some money to spend, will choose intel core i3 or better.

Question: WHy Pico PSU?
Answer: Same as above, to save some power usage.

Question: Why is your boot drive a USB storage device?
Answer: Upon research FreeNAS doesn't need that decent boot drive. and if i use this usb storage i save an additional hdd slot.

Question: Do you need this?
Answer: Definitely YES! for picture storage and movie storage. Very Useful to my Raspberry pi XBMC.

Question: When will you build this?
Answer: After we move out of this Rent House, maybe 2015 first quarter and bought a car.

Question: Do i have a Own Personal Computer?
Answer: Yes i have, i use it for some video editing. My PC

Question: Do i accept Donation for this build?
Answer: YES YES YES!!!!

For other questions, put it in our comment box.
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