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Play Gameboy On PC

Yeah! Title is right, you can now play Gameboy on your PC. And you have choices, Gameboy advance or game boy color and one software can do all that. Visual boy advance is the one you are looking for
. Also available for mac <click here>. And some other cool stuff you can do with it like turbo play,save and load game the frame you want. use your own joy pad or other console controller.

To start, download Visual boy advance for PC<click here> & for MAC <click here> and install it. unzip it and place it where your save file want to be. Download roms that you want to play. Roms are like cartridge for a game. Tick "VisualBoyAdvance.exe" file. Click File Option and tick Open tab. Locate your Roms to start the game.

Lots of tricks you can do with this. Just explore it. bring back your memories like Pokemon yellow and some other cool stuff.
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