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How to Play PS2 on your PC!

ps2 game ok
I guessed you miss playing your old ps2 games, for you to come here. YEAH! Me too!

Check first if you can run this emulator, PCSX2 System Requirements.
I'm playing with my AMD 8-core and a GTX 750 ti with 8gb ram. Link for FULL SPECS.
Some tweaking parts to do. I've read somewhere that it can make like HD effect, if you have powerful PC.

Install PCSX2 on your pc

Download the latest PS2 emulator here at PCSX2.netChoose your platform from Windows, Linux to Mac. And install.

Open PCSX2 and begin the set up.
It comes with preload plugin,  i got mine install and ready to play.

Then Choose your Bios. Bios is a copyright of SONY, this is why its not included.
You can use your old SOUL(BIOS) of your ps2. Tools you need to get the bios. > BIOS DUMPER

PCSX2 is ready to go! it will boot like this. you can disable the console log if you want.

Load games by ISO or PS2 game disc.
IF you use disc I suggest you to make it a ISO file for faster reading.

ps2 select game

FINALLY! time to play! AAAAAAAH! Memories!
Full screen mode can be enable.  Just showing that it works!

ps2 game ok

Some example my game-play..

If you have any Questions just put at the comment box.

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