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Bring Back PS2 on you PC!


When me and my wife cleaning our room, i stumble into my old PlayStation 2 console, complete with everything and with wireless controller. What a LUCK! tried it, as expected its not working anymore, can boot but cant play games. Year 2007, last time i remember playing if all day and all night. NAH! memories....  Then I remember that i have Gameboy emulator  also known as "Visual Boy Advance"  or "VBA". Maybe there is a way to resurrect my old good PS2.  Some Searching, and i found out some PS2 emulator! "PCSX2". A way to play "Burnout" and some other that i forgot the name..

For tutorial how to install PCSX2 or PlayStation 2 emulator on your PC. <<here>>

From the result of my research about PCSX2. PlayStation 2  Bios is a copyright protected. In that Case i cant give my bios to someone else, but there are some tutorial how to get your OWN PlayStation 2 Bios from your OLD PlayStation 2 console.
Other way to get PlayStation 2 bios?(COMMON SENSE Please).
To check if you can play "PCSX2" on your PC,PCSX2 System Requirements.

Tried it on Old laptop, Dell dual core 1.5ghz , 1gb ram, can run but not that good, seems so laggy.
Playing and tested in my gaming rig, AMD 8-core and a gtx 750 ti with 8gb ram.

Controllers same as the first picture(Wireless),  Connect it via some kind of PS2 controller adapter to USB. and works like a charm! just don't put it near your WiFi antenna. I also read that we can use like xbox controller. If i have, i should test it. What if i buy one? LOL

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