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Android Games/Apps on PC!

April 2012 I change my Android Phone to Windows Phone.
Which has a pros and cons. I can be updated to email every second on Windows phone.
But can't play good games and have some good apps.

Upon researching on the net, Found this "BLUESTACK" tagline "Your favorite mobile apps on PC, MAC and TV". On other term We can now have ANDROID games/Aps on PC!
Candy Crush, Clash of Clans, Angry Birds,Plague Inc, Cut the Rope and many more!
Search games on apps via Google play  or Bluestack apps collection.
Paid apps and in game purchase also available .

My wife plays Clash of Clans, got curious and play it also. HAHA.

Bluestack works fine on my Gaming PC.
also tried  it in my old Dell laptop. Cant open it. Some software are needed.
I guess it needed a beefy or you just need to configure your PC properly

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