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BPI Online assist (skip queue)

This is how I avoid all the long queue especially in the BPI banks. or how to skip lines in BPI Banks.
For making a Withdraw (over-the-counter), especially when you withdraw big amounts that cant be done via ATM. Or making Deposit, I dont trust their "Automatic Deposit Machine" when one of BPI employee directly said to me that "minsan nagloloko yan sir, baka mag kulang pa pera mo" (sometimes, it malfunction and can have deficiency in your account).

Before you think that i have big money, NAH! It is not done yet. LOL.
Joking aside. Why is use BPI assist online is to save time.
Imagine you will queue for a 30 mins, if you can do it 1 min after you enter the bank. (Yup, that's true i have done it a couple of times.)

How to do it?

1.First to need to log-in your bpi express online Account
Check and double check the BPI URL bar. to avoid scammed of phish

2. Click BPI Express assist Online
From the main menu, find Other Services > BPI EXPRESS ASSIST ONLINE

3.Schedule an appointment.
After that fill the necessary tabs
LOCATION and branch.
Date and time
NOTE: Sometimes you can book for the next other day.

4.  Choose you transaction type.
Deposit : You will just memorize or just write the queue number.
Withdraw: Need to Print it, and can be done by representative if you are so busy.
Encashment : NAH, didnt try it yet.
Bills Payment : NAH, didnt try it yet.

Key in your transaction details..

Sample of Queue number

Sample of Withdrawal slip

5. Go to your stated BPI bank Branch on that time cap. 
On other branch that they dont know me yet, they required 2 valid ID.

From my experience,
Just some people use it, in where i always transact, queue  is so long, and when i arrive  in the bank and they call the next customer, It is always me.
But be fair people, don't abuse it, Book a schedule and don't meet it? shame on you. or better late than never.
I happened to me last time, I try the last minute schedule, Time 2:50 PM and i booked 2:30-3:00 PM. i arrived 2:58 PM. so that was a "SO CLOSE" thing.

I Hope BDO, will use some queue system, standing for hours, you cant leave the line, so BDO is not that good on small time bank account like mine.
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